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      Shenglong Building Materials Co., Ltd. sells all kinds of waterproof materials, plugging materials and waterproof engineering construction. In recent years, it has been working with foreign large companies. Besides, using advanced foreign technology makes waterproofing and leakage blocking construction technology more perfect and advanced. For nearly 1000 construction treatment of waterproofing and plugging, there is no quality complaint. At the same time, these materials possess super ability in waterproofing and plugging, and our companys construction performance is all over the country. We have strong technical force and focus on the cultivation of waterproof technical personnel which includes 10 engineers, 50 technicians and 500 professional construction personnel. The construction technology is carried out strictly in accordance with the current national construction standards for plugging and waterproofing works. It has also the ability to successfully solve the technical skills which are needed for various structures’ construction of seepage prevention and moisture-proof and seepage water treatment.

1. Other projects such as building decoration, renovation of old buildings and so on.

2. Other concrete structures leakage and water plugging constructions such as underground construction, subway engineering, civil air defense works and sewage treatment ponds,etc.

3. All kinds of underground works such as basement, underground garage, underground passage, heat pipe and foundation pit and so on.

4. Pools, cable trench, mine passage, elevator shaft, foundation pit construction joint leakage, water plugging and water operation construction.

5. Concrete structures, cooling water circulation channel, pipeline, seepage water and anti-corrosion treatment of the sewage treatment plants.

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Product Processing Service Projects

         Shenglong Building Materials Co., Ltd. produces a variety of waterproof materials. With rigorous science and technology as the important data in production and processing, each process in the production undergoes strict technical control and personnel inspection and testing. Each process achieves optimal results, from raw materials to packaging, and the quality of every bucket is guaranteed. The materials meet the company's strict specifications of the technical indicators, and product sales covers all corners of the country.What’s more, the scope of business promotion expands at home and abroad and there are many types of products whose excellent quality has been recognized by the majority of consumers .

OEM range:

Shenglong plugging series: water, oil based grouting liquid series, epoxy resin grouting material series, acrylic grouting material.

Waterproof coating series: Back surface waterproof coating, transparent waterproof glue, JS, K11 and so on.

Mortar series: self-healing agent mortar series, polymer cement mortar series, etc.

Others: Tile adhesive, sealant, real stone paint.

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