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Product Features

1. The slurry is self-dispersed, emulsified and foamed

when it meets water, and immediately undergoes a

chemical reaction to form a non-perspective elastic

colloidal consolidation body with excellent water- stop


2. The elastic colloidal solids formed after the reaction

have good extensibility, elasticity, impermeability and low

temperature resistance, and will be remained in the water


3. With a small degree of water-adhesion, it can be

well-irrigated. Soaking the solid body in water is harmless and non-toxic and non-polluted to the human body.

4. While the slurry is reacting with water to form an

elastic graph of the stepped material, CO2 gas is released.

With the help of the gas pressure, the slurry can be further

pressed into the voids of the structures so that the porous

structure or formation can be completely filled. It has the

characteristics of secondary infiltration.

5. The slurry is provided with good expansibility, large amount of water, good hydrophilicity and pot ability.

Meanwhile, its viscosity and solidification speed can be

adjusted as needed.

Scope of application

1. Plug and seal cracks, expansion joints, construction

joints and structural joints of various buildings and underground concrete works.

2. Go on anti-seepage and reinforce dam body grouting for water conservancy of hydropower projects, water tunnel

cracks and concrete cracks.

3.Reinforce and stabilize the high-rise buildings, railways and high-grade highways.

4. Reinforce bridge foundations and bridge cracks.

5. Reinforce buildings which have been reinforced, and

concrete structures such as water towers and cracks in

pools, and prevent their subsidence.

6. Improve soil and protect its surface and go on

stabilizing and consolidating.

technique parameter


1. Wear protective equipment

(such as gloves, goggles)

during the construction to

avoid direct contact with skin. Wash with plenty of water, if


2. This product is a

solvent-based material. Pay

attention to ventilation and be

away from fire while the

construction is undergone.

Before the material is solidified, no open flames should be used

around the construction area.

3. After the machine is used, it

should be cleaned with detergent immediately.

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