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Product Features

1. good grouting property: In general, the initial viscosity is less than 20mPa. (s23℃). It can be kept a long time in the low viscosity, so it may be penetrated into the 0.001~0.01mm crack.

2.The perfectly mechanical system of slurry consolidation body and high adhesive strength play a consolidated and reinforced role. What’s more, it is provided with excellent weather-ability and corrosion resistance.

3.Single liquid grouting and curing time can be adjusted, which is convenient and easy to use them.

4. Solids are nontoxic and pollution-free.

Technical indicators

Scope of Application

It is widely used in all kinds of conditions such as concrete

structures and brick plate hollowing and cracking gaps, to carry out grouting repair and reinforcement treatment (such as cracks reinforcement of subway, tunnel, the pier surface of the bridges, beam-columns, floor boards, precast plates, porous floors,

structure walls and so on)


1. Some protective equipment (such as gloves, goggles) needs to be worn during the construction, to avoid direct contact with the skin. If contaminated, wash it with a large amount of water.

2. This product is a solvent type material. It is necessary to pay

attention to ventilation and be away from the fire source during the construction. Before the material is not solidified, open fire

shall not be used around the construction area.

3. After using the machine, immediately clean it with the

cleaning agent.

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