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Acrylic grouting material

         Shenglong building materials after plugging without worry for repair. It will not let you repeatedly repair, not foam, but will not blast the wall, unlike the traditional grouting fluid, made a bubble today and shrink tomorrow. There is no repeated maintenance. This product, as a substitute for traditional grouting liquid, can instantly stop the water. You can control the curing time from a few seconds to a few minutes, It has good elasticity, and will not crack at minus 30 degrees, 20-50 times strength in water solidification. It is not afraid of being soaked in water, sunshine, and mainly used with tunnels, subways, expansion joints, post-casting belt, basement deformation joints, hollow brick walls, cracks in external walls leaking. As long as there are cracks in the leaking place, it is good to use this product. Acrylic grouting material is a kind of high-elastic gel that is based on acrylate units and is made of water and used as a diluent under the action of a certain initiator and accelerator. This product is a kind of water-proof, water-blocking and anti-seepage chemical grouting material. It has low viscosity and strong infiltration capacity. The gel body has good impermeability, viscoelasticity and anti-aging properties.

                                                                            Product Features

The slurry has low viscosity:

Its viscosity is 2-6mpa,s and remains unchanged until the cementation is solidified, so it has good permeability. It can be poured into the leakage channel in reverse under the pressure and filled with the channel, and block the leaking channel to make original leakage sites leak no longer .

Good elasticity:

The consolidated body has a good elastic elongation at break of 100%, and is able to expand in water, preventing the cracked adhesive surface from re-appearance of penetration.

Durable :

Colloids are no longer eroded by bacteria, acids, alkalis, etc. and can be used for long time.

Short gel time:

The gel time can be controlled within the range from tens of seconds to several minutes. Consolidation is completed in an instant and the penetration radius of the slurry can be controlled during the pressure and gel time.

Good impermeability:

The permeability coefficient is 1.3x10-8cm/s and the preferred elastic solid has a more than 100% elastic elongation at break. It enables to expand in water and prevent cracks deformation and avoid re-appearing the penetration on the adhesive surface.

                                                           Application scope

It is a kind of grouting resin based on natural rubber. It is mainly used for butt joints, especially in subways, leaks in tunnels, cracks in bridges, leaks in basements, floors, roofs, and external walls. It is suitable for waterproofing. Applicable for waterproof layers.

Concrete seepage cracks impervious plugging

Dam foundation crack stone fracture seepage curtain grouting

Dam foundation gravel void anti-seepage curtain grouting


             Since it does not contain ammonium acrylate monomer, its LD50 is greater than or equal to 5,000, and its exposure toxicity is only 1/100 of that of acrylamide aldiamine (AM) and 1/50 of that of N-methylethacrylaldehyde (NMA). So in the United States and Europe, these products are allowed to use underground projects directly without the need to apply for a chemical grouting application approval certificate.

             Its low surface tension, low viscosity: These are usually less than IOCPS to own good grout-ability; Its gel time is short so that can be prepared to control; It is also provided with an excellent construction performance; More importantly, it's consolidated bodies have extremely high impermeability.


1. The slurry container should be plastic.

2. When the cracks depth is less than 1m, only grout can be laid by grouting the grout and caulking the leak. The distance between grouting nipples should be 0.3-0.5m. When the crack width is larger than 1m, the grouting nipple should be buried within the above-mentioned range. When the cracks depth is greater than 1m, the grouting nipple and the caulking leak must be installed in the joint. The side is arranged with a slanted hole through the slit. The width of the gap between the seams and the grouting pressure may be determined. The seam width or grouting pressure may be large, and the depth of the seam may be greater, and vice versa. The distance between the hole and the outer drain and the distance between the hole and the hole are both 1-1.5m.

3. The grouting sequence of vertical cracks should be from bottom to top and from deep to shallow; The sequence of grouting for horizontal cracks should be from one end to the other end. If the pressure data shows that some holes and mouths have large water inflow and wide range of collusion, we should give priority to grouting.

4. During grouting, other holes and mouths shall be open except for holes already filled and grouted for drainage and exhaust. When the injection hole is thick, it can be plugged and the grouting can continue in the original hole. The paper circular hole no longer sucks or the amount of suction less than 0.1L/Min under the design pressure. And then replace the holes and mouths which are not close to the thick pulp or the slurry. Finally, the last empty and drunk grouting of a joint should continue until the slurry in the holes and mouths.

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